Wind Energy

The clean production of electricity by using wind power belongs to the most advanced and widely spread forms of renewable energy. However, the first commercially operated wind turbines in the nineties and the generators of today are worlds apart. The most powerful wind turbines destined for offshore operation produce up to six megawatt and are, thus, big, heavy and bulky.

There is a growing demand for wind power technology and wind turbines on the world market. The transport of the components like tower segments, rotor blades, generators, nacelles, tripods or foundations need specialised transport service providers with individual equipment. In more than a decade of experience in the business Beluga Shipping has gained the know-how and the necessary special vessels for loading, discharging and transporting of this kind of project and heavy-lift cargo.

Taking advantage of innovative approaches the Beluga transport engineers provide for efficient and preferably cost-effective shipments of wind turbines. The Beluga Stacking System enables the stowage of, for example, tower segments in several layers one over the other by applying flexibly installable frameworks. By doing so, the available space on board increases and the total number of shipments may be diminished. This makes economic sense especially for the transport of wind turbines which are more characterised by a high volume of the cargo than by heavy weights.

Having a large fleet with many identically constructed vessels, Beluga manages to always respond to changes in the production process at short notice and to provide suitable tonnage in huge projects taking months or even years. In case of heterogeneous cargo comprising tower segments, rotor blades or turbines the Beluga Chartering in corporation with the Beluga Transport Engineering creates an individual tailored solution. Due to the low draft of the whole Beluga fleet and a good variety of different types of multipurpose heavy-lift project carriers the cargo can be loaded close to the production site and discharged near to the planned wind park.

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