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Kenyan Celebrities on board  MV  “Beluga Singapore”

Kenyan Celebrities on board  MV  “Beluga Singapore”

Successful shipping of two car-ferries from Hamburg to Mombasa

Red, fat and bulky – “Kwale” and “Likoni” were reclining at the Dradenau Terminal in Hamburg. The two ferries were awaiting the longest trip of their life – directly to Mombasa. Designated to transport 1500 passengers or up to 65 cars several times a day – each, now they had to be loaded themselves: from the port basin directly under and onto the deck of the MV “Beluga Singapore“.

“Beluga Singapore“ is one out of 69 vessels of the Beluga Shipping GmbH, being specialized in innovative and tailored project and heavy lift shipments. She is the third vessel of the super modern P1/P2-series, providing 800 to 1400 tons crane capacity in tandem usage. The Bremen based company will bring 13 more of it into service by 2011.

The vessels prominent passengers to Kenya were built at the shipyard Schiffs- und Yachtwerft Dresden. Placed as special orders from the state-owned Kenya Ferry Service Ltd they were urgently awaited in Mombasa. The second largest city of Kenya is located on an island and depending on its ferry system. “Likoni“ and “Kwale“ are the important substitutes for two very old ferries.

Their loading was a custom made masterpiece, as the freight hold, in which ”Kwale“ was going to travel the 9000 nautical miles to Africa, measured just a few decimetres more than the cargo. Two on-board NMF-cranes of the “Beluga Singapore“ had to place the vessel precisely into its hold. Side by side, like huge crawls of a gigantic raptor, their hooks pulled the 60 metres long ferry into the sky. Just two blue belts were carrying the entire weight. Before, divers had pulled these laces underneath the ferry´s hull and slung it around her fat belly. Like a flying fish the ferry seemed to take off – in extremely slow motion.

High above water level and open deck of the “Singapore”, the two 400-ton-onboard cranes steered the “Kwale“ in tandem usage - like a puppet on a string - diagonal through the narrow  in between them on board. Fine variation of the Singapore´s heeling – „no more than two grades“, reassures Captain Heiner Heise, with 50 years at sea the most experienced man on board – helped the cranes to swing the huge load step by step to its final position before stowed under deck.

When the ferry completely disappeared in the cargo hold, it seemed as if the “Beluga Singapore“ swallowed a gigantic, 60 metres long, canapé. Only after “Kwale“was lashed and secured, her identical twin ”Likoni“ was liftet onto the deck. Before this the crew had closed the loading hatches with iron plates more than a metre thick.

“The 800.000 inhabitants of Mombasa longingly are awaiting the arrival of “Kwale“ und “Likoni““, said Harun Mwau, Kenyas Assistant Minister of Transport during the loading in Hamburg. Together with representatives of the Kenya Ferry Service Ltd he especially travelled to Germany to be eye-witness of this spectacular loading. The difficult operation succeeded without any complications. „We are very, very happy to see our babies well on board.“ explained Joseph Kingi Kahindi, the Chairman of Kenya Ferry Service.

In Hamburg the interplay between vessels crew and the team of Beluga Shipping perfectly harmonized. As well in Mombasa, where several thousands of people welcomed the “Beluga Singapore” in the harbour. They all wanted to see their “Kwale” and “Likoni” safely being placed into the water - after the longest journey of their life.

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