Heating up the temper for “Happy” and her sisters

MV “Beluga Fairy” enchants five yachts for a voyage on the Seven Seas

MV “Beluga Fairy” enchants five yachts for a voyage on the Seven Seas

Time and weather raced against MV “Beluga Fairy” when she was loading five yachts in Genoa end of November 2010. Three of them were already booked by clients in their respective ports of destination – a deadline which had to be kept even though wind complicated the loading operations by blowing with a speed of up to 40 knots through Italy’s biggest port.

“We had to find a solution which met both, utmost safety for the cargo and a quick progress of the work to be done”, explains Ingo Fischer from Beluga Chartering. “In close cooperation with the clients we developed a measure plan of how to proceed, especially for the three single lifts which feature a lower stability compared to tandem lifts with two cranes preventing the cargo from moving.” To provide an efficient stowage, applying solely double lifts was no option as only the first of the two 180-ton cranes of the vessel could reach some of the designated deck positions. In addition, the routine inspection prior to the loading revealed a surprise to the Beluga team: A non-registered stabilizer at the underwater hull of one of the yachts which had to be cushioned to not run the risk of breaking it with the lifting belts.

Without any spells but a lot of know-how and experience by the team on site, MV “Beluga Fairy” loaded all the fives yachts within 24 hours out of the water. Four divers for fixing the lifting belts and an extra night shift made the punctual departure of the multipurpose heavy-lift project carrier possible. While leaving, a versatile family of yachts had gathered on deck, the largest more than 41 meters long with a weight of 245 tons.  

Due to the performance of Beluga, MY “Happy” and her sisters can reach their ports of destination – Phuket, Thailand and Fremantle, Australia – in time and are able to fulfill what the name on the hull suggests: Pure enjoyment for the passengers. While exploring the cruise spots of the Indian Ocean nothing will remind them of the tight loading schedule in cold and windy Genoa.

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