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MV “Beluga Fortitude” transports harbour vessel from Vietnam to the Netherlands

MV “Beluga Fortitude” transports harbour vessel from Vietnam to the Netherlands

One vessel over the other: On September 27, 2009 MV “Beluga Fortitude” loaded an entire barge (“Damen FCS 5009”) onto the weather deck in the port of the Vietnamese city Haiphong. The ship due to be transported to Europe via Suez Canal weighed 247 tons, but rather than the weight it were the dimensions of the cargo that challenged the team of Beluga. The size of 51.3 x 9.2 x 17 metres and the conditions on site reduced the space for swinging the cargo to a minimum.

Thus, the project did not allow much tolerance and demanded great accuracy. “The lifting was especially tight due to the required heights for hooking and also the position of the stowage which limited space between lifting beams versus the vessel’s cranes”, explains Cargo superintendent Jarek Klimczak from the Beluga Transport Engineering who professionally managed the loading and discharge.

In spite of the size of the cargo, the project still represents one of the “daily” tasks for the transport engineers. “Of course, you need a lot of know how and the right hardware to master such lifts. However, with our experienced team and duly preparation for the prevailing conditions on site we can manage jobs of that kind in almost every port in the world“, states Jarek Klimczak after having finished successfully the discharge of the ship directly into the water of the port of Rotterdam, the Netherlands on October 31, 2009.

During the voyage, the inhouse meteorologists of Beluga provided a detailed and constantly updated weather routing for the multipurpose heavylift project carrier which is a standard safety feature at Beluga. In this case, this measure prevented the interference of the vessel with a typhoon. Thus, MV “Beluga Fortitude could timely seek shelter in the port of Haikou on the Chinese Island Hainan. The wind and swell followed by the bad weather conditions proved the excellent work of the Beluga team: The 40 lashing grommets 20 stoppers kept the barge on deck perfectly in position during the whole voyage.

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