Vessels, hulls etc. - the multipurpose heavy-lift project carriers of Beluga fleet transport any kind of swimming projects

Hulls, superstructures or complete ships, vessels, sail boats, freighters, thug boats or barges – the multipurpose heavy-lift project carriers of the Beluga fleet may transport almost any kind of swimming projects. By applying the board crane gear even efficient loadings and discharges directly out of and into the water are possible without relying on expensive port infrastructure.

Suitable lashing materials with cushioning elements prevent the often sensitive hull surfaces from being scratched or dented during the lifts and the transport securing. Due to their shape with a lot of projecting parts like masts, the railing or other superstructures yachts need both a lot of space and an especially careful handling. In case of several vessels on deck the stowage plan has to consider sufficient space for fixing the lashings. However, bigger and less sensitive hulls might be transported cost-effectively one over the other.

The Beluga Transport Engineering team develops tailored solutions for safe but as well efficient shipments. The engineers of Beluga take also creative and uncommon approaches into account to optimise the available stowage room for example overhangs on starboard or port side.

Vessels/Hulls: Project Damen Shipyards
Vessels/Hulls: Project DYT
Vessels/Hulls: Project GBS
Vessels/Hulls: Project International Fast Ferries
Vessels/Hulls: Project Sevenstar Yacht Transport
Vessels/Hulls: Project Wisetech
Vessels/Hulls: Project Etamad

Vessels/Hulls: Project Schiffs- und Yachtwerft Dresden


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