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Huge Cement Mill Parts transported from China to Brazil

Huge Cement Mill Parts transported from China to Brazil

The two flat bed trailers, each of them transporting one of two heavy parts for new cement mills in Brazil, had to have twelve axis each to be able to carry the tubelike parts over land.

They were weighing 189 tons each and had been ordered by Votarantim Cimentos, one of the country´s biggest cement producers. For the two onboard cranes of the MV “Beluga Mumbai” indeed, the lift of these almost 20 meters long and 6 meters wide pieces somehow looked like nothing more than a warm up exercise with light dump-bells for a thewy body builder. As the cranes of this powerful multipurpose heavy lift project carrier already have a single capacity of 400 tons, used as a tandem they are even capable of lifting up to 800 tons.

Therefore the powerful cranes quickly picked up both of the heavy shell assemblies one by one with the help of two belts in the Chinese port of Tingjang. The belts were put around the cargo pieces about a meter underneath their ends. Just because of the length of the tubes the crane drivers had to turn and steer them through the space between their cranes on board. Then, after a little turn again, they were loaded side by side lengthwise into the extra large box-shaped holds of the vessel underneath the deck. To secure the valuable freight during the 10,000 sea miles long trip they were stowed in steel racks welded to the floor of the ship’s cargo hold. Against rolling motion more than a dozen little wire ropes were threaded by hand through the outside whole-structure of each shell assembly and each of them tightly connected with extra lashing ropes. After loading about another 330 tons general cargo, more cement mill equipment and about 4,000 steel rails weighing about 600 tons in the Ports of Tianjin and Shanghai, the “Beluga Mumbai” sailed from China on the 23rd of June heading for Itajai and than Imbituba Port.

With this transport Beluga Shipping showed its capability of realising the most flexible, tailored as well as time- and cost-efficient transportation projects it is known for: Without any additional cost for the customer, the Bremen based specialist for heavy lift and project shipments quickly changed the port of destination from Itajai to Imbituba and there successfully managed to discharge in time and deliver the heavy cargo as wished on the job site. After discharging on the 31st of July in Imbituba the “Beluga Mumbai” proceeded to the Brazilian ports of Vitoria and Natal. Here the second heavy lift piece of 189 tons and some accessories were delivered safely to the customers’ satisfaction.

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