Power machines contributing to the production of energy.

Generators, turbines, transformers, pumps, power plant components – machines contributing to the production of energy belong to the largest machines at all. Today, not only single parts but also completely mounted systems are transported to safe time and assembly costs and to minimise the insurance risk. Nevertheless, such technology reacts sensitively to shocks from outside. Especially during the lifting process the cargo engineers have to prevent any external impact. The team applies board crane gear steered by specially trained crew members capable of precisely moving and placing the cargo.

Generators, turbines or other types of freight are usually stored in the vessel’s holds where a hydraulically closing hatch cover system protects the cargo from wind and rain. The according to the size of the cargo adjustable tweendecks maximise flexibility. The available space for stowing will be optimally used which pays off in case of many cargo items: Generators, turbines and transformers maybe transported in several layers one over the other.

Power: Project IHI
Power: Project Siemens


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