MV “Beluga Bremen” transports six 400-ton refinery
modules from Thailand to Iran

MV “Beluga Bremen” transports six 400-ton refinery modules from Thailand to Iran

Spacious cargo safely stowed in the second hold of Beluga’s new flagship

Six modules weighing between 400 and 450 tons and measuring approximately 28 x 7.5 x 5 metres – for the cranes of MV “Beluga Bremen” a “piece of cake”. The multipurpose heavy lift project carrier of the brand-new Beluga P2-series features a lifting capacity of up to 1400 tons. The real challenge for the transport engineers of Beluga Shipping was, on the one hand, implementing an efficient and safe transport of the cargo and, on the other, generating a cost-effective shipment for the customer by realising a wholly tailored solution. With the vessel’s total loading capacity of approximately 20,000 tons spread on two up to 83 metres long holds equipped with adjustable tween decks, there was much scope for the Beluga team to outperform any standardised offers for transporting the cargo.

On April 4 and 5, 2010 MV “Beluga Bremen” loaded the six modules in the port of Map Ta Phut in Thailand. Two were placed on the lower hold, another four on the tween deck over them. The hatch covers protected the cargo from sea water or weather influence. Each of the modules to be used in the oil and gas industry was secured by 14 steel stoppers and eight lashing grommet systems.

Cargo Superintendent Shigeru Goto from Beluga’s office in Japan guided the operations in the Thai port of loading. He took advantage of the elaborated pre-planning of the Beluga Transport Engineering Team presented in the Method Statement including the Stowage Plan which the team on site implemented in accordance with the customer. “It is important to ensure a smooth procedure combining utmost safety with duly completion of the project. We benefitted from the high speed of our cranes and, due to the powerful anti heeling system of the vessel, were capable of maintaining less than 1.5 degrees of list at any time during the loading”, he says. “Prior to the start of the operations we had clarified every detail in a safety meeting with the entire crew of the vessel. Agreeing on the measures to be taken at any possible incident spares bad surprises during the lift.”

After two weeks at sea MV “Beluga Bremen” concluded the passage from Thailand through the Strait of Malacca, the Indian Ocean, the Gulf of Oman and the Strait of Hormuz to the port of destination Bandar Abbas in Iran. NATCO International Forwarders and Consultants, Bremen, in coordination with Beluga Projects Agency, Hamburg, have been fully satisfied with the service provided by Beluga Shipping, which included loading, sea carriage and discharge. NATCO is looking forward to a further close cooperation with Beluga.

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