Offshore cargo handling in the Indian Ocean

Four Beluga vessels simultaneously support oilfield development

Four Beluga vessels simultaneously support oilfield development.

A supreme project: With MV “Beluga Indication”, MV “Beluga Intonation”, MV “Beluga Felicity” and MV “Beluga Fantastic” all in all four Beluga vessels contributed to the development of a large oilfield off the coast of Western Australia.

Between June and December 2009, Beluga Shipping supplied the on site installation vessels with equipment necessary for the subsea development of the oilfield. The cargo included several components, reels with flow lines, umbilicals and manifolds loaded before in Europe and Asia. After their safe transport to the Exmouth Gulf at the coast of Western Australia the cargo was discharged directly onto the installation vessels.

Beluga transported 67 reels weighing up to 245 tons. The material was shifted offshore between the Beluga vessels and assembled exactly the way it was needed for the next step of the oilfield development. Hence, the installation vessels did not lose time collecting the parts from different locations or vessels. Beluga operated 24/7 and frequently executed lifts at night.

The project was carried out in a highly protected reservation area. The coral reefs along the shelves of Western Australia feature a great and unique variety of species which demanded a special measure plan for operations in such sensitive habitats.

From the very first arrangements prior to the project to its conclusion and evaluation Beluga realised a professional implementation of the project in permanent contact and interchange with the client..

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