Projects in the offshore segment are generally considered as the “ultimate” part in the transport of heavy-lift cargo. Especially the oil and gas industry relies on tailored shipments for the development of resource fields below the sea bottom. Reels, buoys or components of conveying systems are among the goods which are transported to offshore destinations. In line with the project plan the exact and safe implementation of the transports is of utmost importance.

Specific offshore projects are not to be compared with “common” transports of heavy-lift cargo. For the offshore discharge at sea a lot more variable have to be controlled: Wind, swell and waves complicate the lifting process compared to acting in the port since the vessel is much more moving. To be able to work in the offshore business as an project and heavy-lift carrier, everything from the hardware of the vessels, the cranes until the lashing material has to be “state of the art”. In addition, the requirements concerning know-how, project planning, implementation and safety are extraordinarily high.

Offshore: Project Altus
Offshore: Project Seastream


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