Heat and frost: Three mounted harbor cranes
on deck of MV “Beluga Intonation“

Heat and frost: Three mounted harbor cranes on deck of MV “Beluga Intonation“

The ice-hardened vessel implements a transport along Scandinavia’s coast line to the orient

Heavily varying temperatures could not impact neither MV “Beluga Intonation” nor the three harbor cranes loaded onto her weather deck on the way from Rostock, Germany to the Persian Gulf. Though the route led through ice fields and along hot desserts, there was no reason for producing “cold sweat”.

And that was not the only specialty within this project: The cranes of the multipurpose heavlift project carrier accomplished the lifts of all three items on a single day which is far from being standard. Thus, port lay time could be significantly reduced which increased the cost effectiveness of the whole shipment.

Excellent preparation and smooth cooperation during the port operations enabled the fast loading of the three 260-ton cranes without cutting the strict safety standards of Beluga. At the final stowing position on deck, about 600 lashings provided the necessary stability for an overseas voyage. After all, by 36 meters height, each of the cranes measured as much as a ten-floor building.

Though taking a detour through the frozen Baltic Sea to Norrköping, Sweden for completing the shipment with additional cargo the transport could be concluded within only a month. MV “Beluga Intonation” discharged the three cranes in the beginning of April 2010 in Shuaiba, Kuwait where they support the local infrastructure since then.

See here the movie for a visual impression of the project and further details.


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