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MV “Beluga Recommendation” loads 63 metres harbour cranes

MV “Beluga Recommendation”

Harbour cranes are a delicate transport item. Due to their size and weight they enormously influence the centre of gravity on the vessel. Their large surface increases the area for the at sea often heavily blowing wind to attack. Two of them transported the MV “Beluga Recommendation”, one of the training vessels of Beluga Shipping, from Antwerp in Belgium to Paradip, India and Colombo, Sri Lanka.

Bad weather conditions with cold winds and rain in the port of loading on February 27 and 28, 2009 did not interfere with the lifting and stowing operations. Due to the know-how and long-time experience of the Beluga team on site the process of loading and seafastening could be finished in time and without complications. “Though harbour cranes are a challenging freight which demands exact pre-planning and modern technology to cope with, this is daily business to us. As heavy-lift specialist Beluga is an expert for demanding tasks like the shipment of reactors, yachts, factory modules – or harbour cranes”, explains Cargo Superintendent Tambek Jakson who was on site to supervise the project.

The cranes of MV “Beluga Recommendation” loaded the 63 metres high cargo onto the closed hatch covers of the multipurpose heavy-lift carrier. The harbour cranes themselves measured only 33 metres in height but had to be loaded with the jib up which almost doubled their size. That was the only way to control the stability during the loading procedure. “You have to treat such cargo with kid gloves – it is much different to containers or bulk”, says Helmut Müller, Captain of MV “Beluga Recommendation”. On the deck, they drove independently to their final stowing positions over the ship’s holds where the jibs were lowered again for the voyage. The transport engineers took care of fixing the fully assembled Gottwald cranes on deck, all in all 112 lashings kept each cargo piece weighing 383 or 322 tons respectively in position.

Good marks also from the customer. Jürgen Horbach, Project Manager from Gottwald, oversaw the loading and confirms: “Both the team from Beluga and from my company worked very well together. The guidance of the Cargo Superintendent guaranteed the safe loading and stowing of devices amounting to several millions of euros.”

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