Due to their structure and form, cranes require special transport solutions as they can reach giant dimensions. Especially harbour cranes for loading and discharging project and heavy-lift cargo, bulk, single cargo or containers often reach a height of 50 or 60 metres.

Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes (RTGs) stay mobile since they are mounted on a truck-type gear and are, thus, a challenging cargo for the sea transport. In spite of the tyres the freight must be prevented from moving even during swell and wind at sea. An individual stowage planning, which takes account the conditions at sea, and a sufficient number of lashings provides for a proper cargo securing.

Large cargo items like cranes raise the centre of gravity of the vessel through their height and also provide a lot of contact surface for the wind. They decrease the entire stability of the vessel and, thus, also need a proper route planning. The meteorologists of Beluga advise the captains according to the expected weather conditions. This information enables them to adapt the course and/or the service speed.

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