Martinsclub Bremen

For more than three decades Martinsclub Bremen e.V. has been a firmly established organisation that has focused its attention on helping people with disabilities achieve more quality of life and offering them a wide variety of educational and recreational opportunities. Shipowner Niels Stolberg, as ambassador and sponsor, and Beluga Shipping GmbH support the institution.

Autonomy means quality of life – this is the motto of Martinsclub Bremen e.V. Three hundred full-time and just as many freelance workers, over 300 members and numerous volunteer supporters and donators provide various forms of assistance enabling people with disabilities attain a maximum degree of self-determination and carry out everyday activities on their own. At the Martinsclub facilities everything from furnishings to the necessary supervision and support is geared to giving people with disabilities the greatest possible scope for personal development.

Martinsclub Bremen e.V. offers courses similar to those at adult education institutions, trips within Germany and abroad as well as youth and senior citizen programmes. As far as possible, regular school attendance is organised for disabled children and young persons while the employment support services assist disabled persons with the complex aspects of the workplace. In addition, Beluga Shipping GmbH lends financial support to realise the goals of “mlc Jugendband”. At the moment nine young people with and without disabilities have come together in this integrative band project, which will run for at least two years, to play music together, write and compose songs on their own as well as present their remarkable skills at public performances.

If you would like to find out more about Martinsclub Bremen e.V. or wish to register as an active helper and/or donator, please contact:

Martinsclub Bremen e.V.
Christine Gediga
Buntentorsteinweg 24/26
28201 Bremen


+49 (0) 421 - 5 37 474 0


+49 (0) 421 - 5 37 47 77





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