Werder Bremen

Beluga is 100 % Werder Partner

Beluga Shipping GmbH is involved with the “100% Werder Partner” project as a training company.

Founded by the “Green-Whites” last year, the initiative promotes the personal development of children by means of learning opportunities and training offers as well as joint leisure and sports activities. Besides Beluga Shipping nearly 20 other companies, kindergartens, elementary schools and social institutions throughout the region are involved in the “100 % Werder Partner” project.

For example, project weeks for vocational orientation or joint workshops are developed under the direction of the “Abteilung Sozialmanagement” (Department of Social Management) of the SV Werder Bremen. This provides adolescents with, among other things, the opportunity to get a “taste“ of the participating training companies, to learn about different careers, or to improve their qualifications for vocational training through seminars on team building, motivation, or communication.

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Beluga is 100 % Werder Partner