Theses for University Degrees

Diploma, Bachelor or Master Thesis

With us you will lead your studies to a successful degree: Diploma, Bachelor and Master thesis

We will bring forward your creative and innovative ideas for a thesis that is related to practice. Beluga Shipping stands for a huge variety of topics with an international range, offering different perspectives for scientific papers. As a partner for your diploma, bachelor or master thesis we are gladly at your disposal.

What we offer
With us you generate valuable experiences, expand your knowledge and your personal competencies. As world market leader in the segment of project & heavy lift shipments Beluga Shipping offers contacts to experts around the world. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to be highly engaged with your thesis at your own working place within our company and at the same time you get an insight of the work routine in a shipping company. After a successful degree you could succeed in winning a direct career entry in our company.

What you have to offer
Are you imaginative and would you like to be an integral part of Beluga by creating and implementing innovative ideas? You have reached more than average results in the progress of your technical, economical or socio-scientific study? Furthermore, you are a team player and characterised by engagement and the ability to express yourself both in English and German language linguistically and in written form?

Your way to us
If you have already decided upon a specific thesis topic and if this matches the world of topics which Beluga Shipping has to offer, we would be happy about your speculative application. Please apply for cooperation with Beluga Shipping with common documents (cover letter, curriculum vitae and certifications) and an exposé of your topic.

Besides the speculative application you can apply well-directed on scientific papers specified by us. For this please apply also with your complete documents (cover letter, curriculum vitae and certifications).

If you need any further information Ms. Julia Gerlach will be at your disposal.

Julia Gerlach, Human Resources Land
Beluga Shipping GmbH
Postal address: P.O. Box 10 72 69, 28072 Bremen
Visitor's address: Teerhof 59, 28199 Bremen


+49 (0) 421 - 3 33 22 - 748


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  • Theses for University Degrees at Beluga Shipping
  • Theses for University Degrees at Beluga Shipping