School cooperations

Maritime topics in the classroom

Can pupils combine their everyday school life with practical knowledge of the maritime economy? Of course they can, because Beluga Shipping offers different cooperations to regional located schools to simplify the career entry for future apprentices. Such cooperations provide pupils with the opportunity to get an insight into main aspects of work routine. The focus is on maritime jobs. Thereby students benefit from the support in job orientation and are enabled to develop corresponding competences.

More than a year ago the first cooperation between Beluga Shipping and a school – namely the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium in Bremen Huchting - started.

Both partners agreed upon providing a modul „logistics & transport“ in the compulsory choice section for the 9th grade. Beside maritime and nautical content practical units are integrated in the curriculum, in which experts from Beluga Shipping actively support the students.

This modul was accepted so well that the partnership will be even intensified. There is a so-called profile-modul for the advanced course Geography in the upper stage which connects Geography, Politics and Mathematics.

There is also a cooperation agreement with Niedersächsisches Internatsgymnasium Esens (Lower Saxony Residential Gymnasium Esens), NIGE. The NIGE-students complete internships at Beluga Shipping regularly. They get a comprehensive insight in different work activities and the offer of apprenticeships in our project and heavy lift shipping company.

For further information please contact:

Beluga Shipping GmbH
Karin Festerling, Human Resources Land
Postal address: P.O. Box 10 72 69, 28072 Bremen
Visitor's address: Teerhof 59, 28199 Bremen


+49 (0) 421 - 3 33 22 717


+49 (0) 421 - 3 33 22 795



Wolfgang Kuhlmann, Principal
Delfter Straße 16
28259 Bremen


+49 (0) 421 - 361 164 70


+49 (0) 421 - 361 167 09


Niedersächsisches Internatsgymnasium Esens
Ansprechpartnerin: Petra Palenzatis, Principal
Auricher Str. 58
26427 Esens


+49 (0) 4971 - 913 - 0





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