Beluga Offshore Training Academy

Whether loading and unloading heavy cargoes, constructing wind farms, laying cables under the sea – working on the high seas demands professionalism in order not to put people and cargoes in danger. From 2011 the Beluga Offshore Training Academy (BOTA) will provide training for urgently needed special skills personnel with an innovative seminar programme at the Maritime Campus Elsfleth.

With its holistic approach BOTA – a project of the Beluga Shipping GmbH and the Wesermarsch authorities – combines maritime training with a modular programme of safety guidance for offshore industries and the shipping of project and heavy lift cargoes. In tailor-made, certified courses the participants learn to cope professionally with challenging working conditions and dangerous situations at sea. Which is the correct way to dock at an offshore wind turbine? How is a lifeboat professionally operated in an emergency and how are mistakes avoided? How are fires on board a ship – or on the open sea generally – effectively fought?

Courses of training on climbing onto offshore wind turbines, managing an offshore evacuation system, operating a fast rescue boat and helicopter underwater escape training, as well as courses on psychology and crisis management, are only some examples of the ambition of the new training centre to go distinctly beyond the standards usual in the sector.

Teachers and instructors with long years of practical experience are just as much a part of the Academy’s philosophy as are classrooms and training rooms with state-of-the-art equipment. The Academy’s aim is to meet to the fullest extent the rigorous standards of quality required especially by offshore industries. BOTA will fulfil all the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 and 14001.
Since May 2010 the Beluga Offshore Training Academy has been conducting interesting training courses in collaboration with the Ship’s Mechanic Centre / MARIKOM gGmbH.

Further information, especially on the training programmes, can be found on the Academy’s website at

Beluga Offshore Training Academy GmbH (BOTA)
Klaus-Jürgen Müller
Teerhof 59
D-28199 Bremen


+49 (0) 421 - 333 22-232






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