Galerie- und Künstlerhaus Spiekeroog

The green North Sea island of Spiekeroog, one of the most popular holiday spots for Germans, has been one attraction richer since June 2007. The Galerie- und Künstlerhaus Spiekeroog offers guests and islanders alike the opportunity of creative development under professional supervision in a stylish ambience.

The inspiring meeting place for artists, art lovers and island fans stems from a private initiative of Bremen shipowner Niels Stolberg, for whom Spiekeroog is his favourite domicile. The Galerie- und Künstlerhaus Spiekeroog presents itself as a multifunctional building on 2,500 square metres of built-up area. Professional workshops and studio courses on art, literature, music, sculpture, photography, jewellery design, dance, theatre and relaxation take place here. The Galerie- und Künstlerhaus Spiekeroog offers aspiring talented artists the opportunity of displaying their creativity. Finally, seminars for managers as well as other events, from readings, rounds of discussion with prominent personalities all the way to guest performances of well-known bands and ensembles, round off the diverse spectrum offered here.

Many events are held in the Forum, on the top floor of the building that harmoniously fits into the island environment. There is also a bar and a lounge in which even celebrations can be held on special request. Every year a broad range of more than 300 courses are offered where interested visitors can unfold their creativity, be inspired, relax in a stylish environment and build up their energy level. The findings of tourism experts that many holidaymakers also seek intellectual and artistic stimulation nowadays are the basis of this project. The Galerie- und Künstlerhaus Spiekeroog, which cooperates with several hotels and guest houses on the island and offers “holiday packages”, gives its visitors and course participants the rare opportunity of immersing themselves in a completely different world through art, creativity and aesthetics.

If you would like to find out more about the Galerie- und Künstlerhaus Spiekeroog or wish to register straight away for a course, please contact:

Galerie und Künstlerhaus Spiekeroog GmbH
Achter d’Diek 3
26474 Spiekeroog


+ 49 (0) 421  - 460 444 40


+ 49 (0) 4974  - 91 449 20





Management: Emilio Reales Bertomeo


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