Practicing responsibility, moving society

Beluga Shipping GmbH is a company with worldwide operations in the project and heavy-lift cargo shipping sector. It has 555 employees on shore (450 highly experienced and qualified experts at the headquarters in Bremen/Germany, 105 employees in 15 locations worldwide) and 1,500 sailors on board its fleet. Responsibility, creativity and innovativeness are integral elements of our corporate strategy. Those who aspire for economic success have to work courageously with great commitment every day.

However, economic success is not the only thing we strive for. Entrepreneurship is more than merely aiming at profit maximisation. Entrepreneurial action means taking responsibility for the society in which we live and whose conditional framework we want to shape in a humane fashion.

That is why we at Beluga Shipping attach great importance to our Corporate Responsibility (CR). With a wide variety of social and cultural activities we strengthen the structures in a society in which people respect one another.

Above all, we want to open up varied educational opportunities for young and disadvantaged persons.

We want to help people who are helpless.

And we want to give people the opportunity of having cultural experiences.

In these three areas of activity we create sustainability, strengthen personal responsibility and foster cultural identity, diversity and tolerance.

This, too, is our Beluga spirit.

Niels Stolberg
President and Chief Executive Officer
Beluga Shipping GmbH


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