Safely from A to B

The safety of persons, ship, cargo and equipment has top priority for us. We constantly work on further reducing all possible risks that may lead to injuries, illnesses, accidents or damage. This also includes environmental protection. A basic element of this endeavour is the ISM/ISPS (International Safety Management/International Ship and Port Facility Security) Department, which specifically looks after the safety of the vessels and of the people and cargo on board. Our safety management system ensures complete monitoring of safety risks and is certified in accordance with the internationally valid ISM Code of the IMO (International Maritime Organization).

Further safety measures:

  • Every ship is certified in connection with ISM and ISPS.
  • The ISM/ISPS Department staff reviews implementation of the safety management system directly on board at least once a year and points out potential improvements.
  • The Safety Management System and implementation of ISPS are monitored and certified on the vessels of the Beluga Group by external experts (e. g. Germanischer Lloyd).
  • The Beluga Group goes beyond the required standard of the ISPS code also with regard to averting danger (theft, piracy etc.) and hires additional security personnel in ports with increased security risks (e. g. West Africa, India) via the local agents.

Detailed instructions for taking action exist for all types of unforeseen incidents,  every crew member must be familiar with them and practise them regularly. The concerned employees classify, document and analyse every incident together with the ISM/ISPS Department. Measures and binding instructions for taking action are determined on the basis of the result so as to rule out reoccurrence completely as far as possible. For preventive reasons we additionally encourage each of our employees on board to input ideas on how procedures can be made even more secure.


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  • Safely from A to B
  • Safely from A to B
  • Safely from A to B