Certified environmental management

Compared to other modes of transport shipping compels by an excellent environmental balance. But this fact alone is not a reason for us to sit back and do nothing if we can turn work processes ashore and at sea even more efficient and, thus, environment-friendlier. The protection of climate and environment are integral parts of the corporate policy of Beluga Shipping since acting both economically and ecologically responsible is not at all a contradiction in our eyes.

We have implemented an environment management system according to ISO 14001:2004 for each of our three subdivisions as well as every of our self-managed multipurpose heavy-lift project carriers which is regularly audited by Germanischer Lloyd. Thereby we do not only ensure running our vessel in a “clean” way but do also “green” the work ashore, for example by selecting of our partners or purchasing environment-friendly products. But that is not all: As one of few shipping companies we count on an own Research & Innovation department which actively participates in investigating efficient, groundbreaking technologies. That includes, for example, the towing kite propulsion system for vessels SkySails, the use of solar and fuel cells on board or the implementation of flow resistance reducing hull surfaces, just to name three examples. That makes clear: “Green Shipping” is not just a lip service for us but verifiable reality.

Here you can find our current certificate:

ISO14001-Main-English-Zertifikat-2010.pdf459 K

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