Beluga Offshore
Beluga Offshore: Water is our Element. Wind is our Energy.

Water is our Element. Wind is our Energy.

The future blows over the sea. Offshore – that is the business field with enormous potentials and outstanding economic opportunities. Beluga sails ahead for the first pitch. In particular when wind parks and cable connections to the mainland but also when plants for the oil- and gas-extraction-industry will be erected or renewed far out on the ocean the Beluga know-how, the Beluga experience and in the near future the new Beluga special vessels as well are successfully involved: to the largest customer value due to product innovations, complex logistics, professional services and the target-oriented education of offshore-specialists. Beluga is a reliable full service provider for several offshore projects.

From transport via installation to cable laying and maintenance – innovation driver Beluga provides for the suitable answers due to strategic master plans and strong partnerships:

Joint Venture alongside with building enterprise HOCHTIEF Construction AG for the purpose of developing and constructing new offshore installation vessels with 1,500 tons crane capacities. More information about BELUGA HOCHTIEF Offshore.

Beluga Offshore Cable
Strategic Alliance with Deutsche Offshore Consult for the purpose of developing and constructing new cable laying vessels.

Beluga Hilgefort Offshore Construction
Strategic Alliance with the constructor of fundaments and steel builder Hilgefort GmbH for the purpose of developing and constructing new structures for the fundaments of wind power plants.

Beluga Offshore Crewing
Demand-actuated recruitment of suitable staff and manning of the vessels with highly qualified crews.

Beluga Offshore Training Academy
Operating company for the outstanding maritime safety training centre on the maritime campus Elsfleth for the purpose of educating and qualifying future offshore specialists. More information about Beluga Offshore Training Academy.

Beluga Offshore Service
Supervision and support of the offshore operational processes including coordination, maintenance and supply of the ships at sea and safety of sea traffic.

Well set for the future – share our vision watching this introductory movie:

Here you can download the movie as wmv-file:

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